About 6Connex EMEA, the virtual event platform company

6Connex EMEA is the international marketing representative and a systems implementer of 6Connex Inc, the provider of the exhibition, event and collaboration virtual event platform. This is provided as a service on computer servers around the world, to ensure that its users enjoy the fastest possible responses. Some people refer to this approach as Software as a Service, or SaaS, a style of computing in which the software is always up to date, all the functions are on tap, and all the user needs is broadband access and a modern web browser. 

6Connex EMEA provides the service through carefully selected agents, perhaps specialising in vertical markets, and directly through its consulting activities. The same team brings its cross-sectoral knowledge and deep practical experience to bear in both functions.

Because 6Connex EMEA is helping to improve the nervous system of organisations, it engages at a strategic level. The 6Connex virtual event platform itself is very good at hiding its complexity, but don't be fooled. It is massively empowering, breathing new life into an organisation's content management, prospect management and collaboration (both internal and external) capabilities. Not only this, but it provides its clients with dashboards and reports in order that they can continually monitor activities, analyse results and quickly adjust to changing realities. 

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